FAQs Rental

  1. How do I see your properties?
    • Call our office and we will set up an appointment for you to view property that is available.
    • Please keep in mind that some property may still have a tenant in it or we may have other appointments so you may have to wait for a different day or time to view the property.
  2. What is the application process?
    • Each occupant 18 years of age or older must complete a rental application. Applications can be picked up at the office or emailed to you to print off and return.
    • There is an application fee of $50.00 for up to 2 tenants, each additional tenant is $25.00.
    • Each applicant must provide a government issued ID license, state issued photo and verification of income. Pay stubs, social security award letters, disability and child support must be documented.
    • Please allow at least 48 hours to process your application, some applications may take longer. These are the items we will check:
      1. We will check public records for past evictions. Remember that public records show when an eviction has been filed. It does not have to be completed.
      2. We will verify your rental history. We will verify that the person you say is your landlord actually owns the property in which you last resided.
      3. We will verify your employment, the amount you make and how long you have been employed there.
    • If your income is not sufficient for the rent, we may require a co-signer. These decisions are made on a case by case basis and only with the approval of the owner of the rental property. The co-signer must complete the application process and pay application fee.
    • Once your application has been approved, you will have 24 hours to bring in the deposit. Any deposits paid to hold a rental will be non-refundable should you not complete the lease and occupy the rental unit by the specified time.
  3. What if I do not have any rental history?
    • If you do not have verifiable rental history, you will have to pay a security deposit of two times the monthly rent and is subject to property owner approval.
  4. Will I have to fill out a lease?
    • Yes, you will sign a Florida approved lease. You will also sign a disclosure saying that you understand that we are not attorneys, that you can read English and a security deposit agreement. You will also initial and sign a rules and regulations list and if the home is built prior to 1978, you will receive a lead base paint booklet and sign the lead base paint disclosure in the lease.
    • Our leases are for 1 year. If you terminate the lease prior to the end of the lease term, there is a 2 month early termination fee.
  5. How much will it cost me to move in?
    • Prior to occupancy, you must pay your security deposit and prorated rent.
  6. When is my rent due?
    • Your rent is due on the first of each month unless otherwise noted in your lease. There is no grace period. If you do not pay your rent on the 1st of the month, you will be charged a $10.00 per day late charge. We provide a drop box on the front of our office for your convenience. DO NOT drop cash into the drop box. We do not accept personal checks. Only money orders or cashiers checks in the drop box. If you bring cash into the office, make sure you have exact change as we cannot provide change and you will have to go somewhere to get it changed.
  7. Is my security deposit refundable?
    • Yes, provided you have completed your lease term, the home is clean to include the stove/oven, window sills, baseboards, ceiling fans, the carpets professionally cleaned and receipt is provided, the yard and shrubs are mowed and maintained and no damages or repairs have to be taken from security deposit.
    • No, if you do not complete the lease term. If you leave the home in the above clean condition and no repairs have to be taken from security deposit, it will be transferred towards the 2 month early termination fee.
  8. Do you do inspections?
    • Yes, we do periodic inspections and you will be notified on what day that will be. You do not have to be home as we have a key and we will leave a card letting you know that we have been in the residence. The only time we will go into the home on short notice is if there is an emergency.
  9. Can I use my security as my last months rent?
    • No, security deposits are not to be used as rent. The security deposit is a damage deposit.
  10. What to do if you are going to vacate.
    • You must provide at least 60 days notice prior to vacating the property.
    • You can email it to us at traceykent828@gmail.com or bring it to the office.
    • We will post a sign and advertise it available for rent, the day after you told us your vacate date will be.
    • Yes, you must allow the property to be shown during this time so that we can secure another tenant for the property owner.
  11. How do I request maintenance?
    • You must call our office or the property manager designated to handle the repairs for your rental.
    • We do not have a maintenance crew on staff. We use professional vendors (painters, plumbers, handymen, air conditioning co).
    • We will work diligently to get your repair completed promptly; however please keep in mind that after 5:00 pm on Friday and holidays it is very difficult to get repairs completed. It will be repaired as soon as we can get the repair person to your rental.
    • Do not do work yourself as we cannot reimburse you.
    • Do not contact any repair person directly. If you do, the invoice becomes your responsibility.
    • Any repairs deemed unnecessary by the repairman or caused by the tenant and not any fault of the owner will be the responsibility of the tenant. Examples: If you pour grease down the drain and the sink gets clogged…it’s your bill. If your child or a guest’s child flushes something down the toilet, it is your bill. If you do not change the ac filter monthly and the repairman says that the unit is down due to this, it’s your bill. If you do not keep the drain line clean with bleach and the ac unit leaks inside the home, not only is the ac invoice yours, the repair of the flooring is yours too. Your friend runs over the septic tank and breaks the lid, it’s your bill. This applies to damages caused by the tenant(s), occupant(s) or guests as they are the responsibility of the tenant.
  12. Can I have a pet?
    • Some properties will allow pets. All pets must be listed on your application. If the owner chooses to accept animals there will be an additional non-refundable pet deposit.
    • WE CANNOT TAKE DOGS DEEMED BY INSURERS AS DANGEROUS. This negates the owners insurance.
    • If you are caught with a pet inside or outside the home and one is not approved to be there, your lease will be terminated and you will have to vacate the premises.
  13. Who is responsible for trash pick-up?
    • The tenant is responsible for trash collection services unless otherwise noted in the lease.
    • Tenant must provide property manager with a copy of service of all utilities upon signing lease.
  14. Can I have a pool or trampoline?
    • No, due to liability you cannot have a pool or trampoline.
  15. Can I paint?
    • We have to get the property owners permission prior to any painting.
    • If painting is not done correctly, you will be charged for someone to come do it the right way.
    • Use drop cloths on all flooring to keep paint from floor coverings.
  16. I locked myself out, can you come let me in?
    • We can come let you in; however it will cost you $30.00 when we arrive to unlock you door.
    • Do not try to jimmy the door as you will have to pay for the repair or possibly replace the door.
    • If you cannot reach us, you can call a locksmith to open the door for you.
  17. Can I move my stuff in prior to the start of my lease?
    • No. You can pay a pro ration of rent and move in earlier if the rental is available.
  18. Can I move into the home if utilities have not been turned on?
    • No. You must have the required utilities turned on in order to receive the key.
  19. Where do I pay my rent?
    • Your rent is to be made payable to Southern Way Realty, Inc. 1014 Main Street Chipley, FL 32428.
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